UPDATE: The Novel

The past two, three weeks have had a series of crazy inspirations that have made The Novel even more epic... So much so that it's now a trilogy. More characters, lovable and love-to-hate-able, more geography, more plot, more adventure, more creatures, more plot has been created... AND I'M SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED!!

*ahem* I'm okay.

No, but really. A couple of other characters from old series I scrapped have been recycled and switched around. A villain from one series is now this awesome metrosexual guy that I ~love~. This sweet, tragic hero from another series is now this greasy, evil dude. Influences of one of my favorite TV shows are showing: Stargate: SG-1. We've got villains that pose as gods and a sort of ascension thing.

Most of all, though, as of tonight (almost a year after the conception of The Novel), The Novel (trilogy) has a title. Well, four. One for the trilogy itself, three for the individual books.

Ladies and gentleman, one of these days at your local library and bookstore, keep your eyes peeled for...

(drumroll please)

The Gisola Trilogy
1. Dasion Forest
2. Ourania Ocean
3. Skotad Mountain
by Briar Elwood