Off Facebook: Day 4

They always say the first three days are the hardest. At least, I seem to remember hearing that somewhere... Anyway, the point is, they were right. Well, so far. Day one was okay. I got a lot of homework done earlier than I usually would (read: the day before rather than quickly during free time the day due). I didn't really think about it much, though, because there was a rather important falling out that happened that day and it sort of ate up all my free time.

Day two was ~awful~. I wanted to find a way to get on so bad. I wanted to call Kate and demand she give me the password even though I made her swear not to give it to me for a long while. I did a little homework, but mostly I sat around being lethargic and bored. However, I was told that day that it was a good thing that I wasn't on FB to see the aftermath of the falling out.

Day three was the worst. Though, I will say that it was definitely a combination of not having FB and the falling out. However, I did what I always do when I'm in a rut like that and emailed my always wise and wonderful mother. I attribute my good day today to her.

Today I woke up at 7:30 (on a Saturday--YUCK) and went to play practice at nine, which lasted until noon. We've almost got the whole thing memorized already and it's extremely exciting to see how fabulous some of the moments are when we're only two weeks into it. After rehearsal, I came home, made myself lunch rather than scoop out a bowl of ice cream. I finally put up my calendar in my room as well as my pictures of family, some art that my sisters have made me, some poems I love, and a bunch of postcards from family. I also put up my goals list. I love this thing... In fact, I think I'll share it with you.

*Read scriptures daily--even just one verse
*Pray morning and night--be thoughtful
*Make a conscious effort not to look like a bum--throw on some jewelry or make-up
*Eat healthy--minimize sugar
*Find time to do what you want--hang out with friends
*Create endorphins--exercise
*Smile and be happy--no complaining
Ultimate Goal: Become The Perfect Celestial Partner
"Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength."

So... That should tell you a lot about me right there. Haha.

Anyway. After finally making my room more homey, I did some homework, then took a break to play Angry Birds (addicting game, I tell you-good gracious). My friend Jean and I have decided to go running Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 5pm, so we did that. Both of us are extremely out of shape but it was so wonderful. Plus, it's a beautiful day. I didn't even need a sweatshirt and the sun was shining... It was gorgeous.

Rest of the day? I'm going to finish homework, teach myself how to do single and double knots for crocheting (blame the play for that one), and go to a 80s and 90s themed dance.

No FB. I mean, sure, I still want it. I hate not knowing what's going in people's lives and I find myself thinking in terms of what my FB status would be for whatever it is I'm doing. (Yeah, okay, that's sad. Please someone tell me I'm not alone in that.)

It's kind of nice, though. Because I'm getting stuff done. And I'm getting out there. And I'm not spending all my time locked away on FB. YAY!



Hi. My name is Nora Rose and I'm a Facebook addict.

No, legitly. I really don't know when it got as bad as it did. I remember when I first joined. It was in eleventh grade. I was in a show at school and was taking a lot of pictures after a performance. A friend in the cast asked if I had a facebook, where I'd upload those pictures. I said no. Later that night, I made myself a facebook.

Maybe it was after I graduated from high school and got my own laptop that it became a problem. Suddenly I didn't have to ask my parent's permission to get on the computer. I'd come home from work and what would I do? Go on facebook. I was told that I wouldn't have time to go on facebook as much when I got to college but they lied.

In college I take my computer with me to classes. I'm not sitting in classes all day and even if I am, some of them I'm able to pull out my computer for notes or whatever. And whenever I'm on my computer, which is a lot, I'm on facebook. It's even gotten to the point where I turn on my computer, pull up Google Chrome and open three tabs: iGoogle, Gmail, and Facebook. No matter what else I'm doing, those three tabs are always up.

Until Thanksgiving week.

A friend of mine is very adamantly against facebook. She has this awesome shirt with an arrow pointing up to her head that says "This is my facebook. Let's chat." So I've had this influence kind of sitting there with an opinion. Not nagging, no. Just an opinion. And at the end of October something happened in my life and I found myself much more aware of what I was posting on facebook and how much time I spent on it. Thanksgiving week I decided to stay off. Focus on the family I was visiting.

True, it wasn't exactly how I had planned it. While I didn't post anything, I did find myself logging in and checking up on people. Facebook stalking the usual people I facebook stalk. (Yes, I'm also a facebook stalker. Admit it. So are you.) Also, I didn't stay off for a full week like I had said I would.

Winter Break came around and I went off it again while we were in Orlando. It helped that our hotel didn't have free wifi, but there was one night when I managed to connect to some wifi and, like during Thanksgiving, didn't post but checked up on everyone and did my usual facebook stalking. I said I'd stay off at least until after Christmas, but as soon as we got home (two days before Christmas), I was back on and to my usual.

Today I took a really needed nap. Slept only for about an hour, but it was deep sleep. I woke up and got on facebook. My sister was online, Kate. So I pulled up a chatbox with her and asked her to do me a favor. I gave her my facebook password and asked her to change it. Not to tell me what the new password is, but remember it for when I do come back. I posted a final status telling people to call or text me and if they don't have my phone number, email me and gave my email address. Kate then changed the password and I went off to play rehearsal, not believing that I actually just did that.

Hi, my name is Nora Rose and I'm a Facebook addict. I've been clean for five hours and counting.


"I just want to see those floating lanterns gleam!"

One of the many things I love about Tangled is that, while some things are exaggerated, there is no magic other than the flower and her hair. The floating lanterns seem magical, but really? They're just mini hot air balloons!

So a friend of mine and I were talking about how we want to go on a random adventure like they do in the movies. I happened to be listening to the Tangled soundtrack so I said we should go run away to see the floating lanterns. He asked where we could do that. Then suddenly I had the idea...

We could make our own floating lanterns.

It's decided. Suddenly I'm researching it and we're talking about when we'll go buy supplies and how we'll decorate them like the ones in Tangled and trying to figure out where we'll set them off...

I'm soooooooo excited!!! It's like a bunch of adventures leading up to one truly epic show. First, buying and finding the supplies. Second, making and decorating the lanterns. Third, finding where to set them off. Fourth and finally, setting them off.