Latest Obsession Award Goes To...

Anyone who follows my pinterest would know that my latest obsession is BBC's Sherlock.

Now here's the story. I have a couple friends on FB who are British at heart. They're sisters, so they're constantly posting on each others' walls. A lot of their posts are rather geeky. I'll admit, I love stalking them. But one of their things has been BBC's Sherlock. I've always loved Sherlock Holmes. Big fan of the Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law movies. I love the logic that Sherlock uses and I love bromance. Especially when it's banter-y bromance. But I was not interested by this show.

It's done by Moffat. I don't know if you remember this post. That's just one of the many problems I have with Moffat. All of my Moffat problems are Doctor Who related. Mainly, under RTD, Doctor Who was goofy and campy and just fun. Under Moffat it's all LET'S MAKE EVERYTHING TERRIFYING AND COMPLICATED AND JUST MAKE YOU FRUSTRATED. So I was avoiding Sherlock.

Last Monday I gave in. I was twelve minutes in and I was already hooked.

Since then I've watched the entire series. Twice. (Granted, it's only six episodes, but still.)

And I've also gotten four people on to it. So far. IN A WEEK.

It's brilliant. It's hilarious. It's dark. It's smart. Every single actor in there is not only gorgeous but incredibly talented. (I mean, Martin Freeman won a BAFTA. Yes.) The cinematography is wonderful. Sherlock is hauntingly gorgeous. Lestrade is downright handsome. Watson is made of rage and kittens. Moriarty is insanely sexy. I. Love. Them. All.

I also love the fandom. They're brilliant and hilarious.

I've found a home. :D


Domestic Me

It's weird. A year and a half ago my plan was to become a television actress. Get on a good show that lasts for a few years. Get my name out there. Get settled. Then look around and find someone to marry. Have a kid or two.

And then a series of things happened. Not least of which, I became a lot more, uh. Domestic would be the best word, I guess.

I did an August semester in 2010. And all of a sudden... I started cooking. I hated cooking! And here I was making cinnamon rolls. From scratch. I made cloud cookies. And cheese pie. And this parfait thing totally by accident.

Now? I got a waffle iron for Christmas. And got really excited when I found a spatula on sale at Target. And making a beautiful gourmet meal is on my bucket list. And my sisters and I have plans for a restaurant in the making.

So there was that. Then about a year ago, I was in "Twelve Angry Jurors". My character, I eventually decided, was basically my mom... except in the 60s. What made that decision final? I had to crochet. I had to learn how to crochet for this show. At first, I was not thrilled. (I emailed my mom, telling her, and her reply was--I kid you not--"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".) But then I started to actually enjoy it. For some reason, however, I stopped crocheting after the show. Over this last Christmas break, I asked my sister to re-teach me. And I made a frog. Then a scarf. Then a TARDIS.

I have a couple of other projects I'm excited to get working on. :)

Last but not least in my domestic...ness: family history. My mom loves doing the research and hunting down her dead people. I don't understand how to do that and I get the feeling that I'd get way too frustrated way too quickly. So over Christmas break my mom gave me this huge folder of names to check and add in to new.familysearch if needed. She isn't a big fan of that part and I... strangely... love it. A lot.

So that dream/goal I had a year and a half ago? Completely changed. Heck, I've gone from wanting to be on television... to wanting to be an elementary school teacher. That's sort of a big change. Ha!


Let Go

So you know that moment when you realize why something such a fricking huge problem? Like, you've been trying to figure it out for ages and you've come up with some reasons and then suddenly you realize what the basic, fundamental, this is the reason for all those other reasons problem is?

And then suddenly... It's okay. Or, at least, it's beginning to be. But by fully understanding it finally, you can finally... begin... to let go.

And you're okay.

Yes, it'll still be hard somedays. But it's okay to cry sometimes. It's okay to grieve. It's okay to feel a hole. But you're okay. This isn't the end. This is just turning the page.

This morning in my Old Testament class we sang a hymn that I recognized the tune but not the lyrics. It's titled "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good". (Yeah, yeah, get all your "Wicked" references out now. We good? Okay. Moving on.) One verse said: "When such a friend from us departs, We hold forever in our hearts A sweet and hallowed memory, Bringing us nearer, Lord, to thee". I was leading the music and wasn't entirely paying attention to the lyrics (since I was trying to figure out the alto part) until the first line of that verse.

It was just another: Yeah. You're okay. And it's okay to let go. Slowly, yes. But surely.