Let Go

So you know that moment when you realize why something such a fricking huge problem? Like, you've been trying to figure it out for ages and you've come up with some reasons and then suddenly you realize what the basic, fundamental, this is the reason for all those other reasons problem is?

And then suddenly... It's okay. Or, at least, it's beginning to be. But by fully understanding it finally, you can finally... begin... to let go.

And you're okay.

Yes, it'll still be hard somedays. But it's okay to cry sometimes. It's okay to grieve. It's okay to feel a hole. But you're okay. This isn't the end. This is just turning the page.

This morning in my Old Testament class we sang a hymn that I recognized the tune but not the lyrics. It's titled "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good". (Yeah, yeah, get all your "Wicked" references out now. We good? Okay. Moving on.) One verse said: "When such a friend from us departs, We hold forever in our hearts A sweet and hallowed memory, Bringing us nearer, Lord, to thee". I was leading the music and wasn't entirely paying attention to the lyrics (since I was trying to figure out the alto part) until the first line of that verse.

It was just another: Yeah. You're okay. And it's okay to let go. Slowly, yes. But surely.

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