Those Moments When Cliches Prove True

Why do we take the people in our lives for granted? Why don't we realize how good of a friend someone is until he's about to leave? Why do we not see what's standing right before our very eyes until it's practically too late? Why do we try to convince ourselves we feel differently than we really do and how in the world do we succeed in convincing ourselves that?

I actually convinced myself of a lie. Fully and completely believed it. Then, in the span of two or three hours, life laughed in my face and there was no way I could deny the truth anymore. And I had just over twenty-four hours to make up for an entire semester.

It was a rather bizarre experience.

I don't know how it'll affect my future. I know that after those twenty-four hours were up I was a complete mess: laughing one moment, then sobbing the next. I would like to quote Taylor Swift here, though... "This is me praying that this was the very first page, not where the storyline ends."

I apologize for the cheesiness, cliches and... well, cryptic nature of this post. I sort of needed this out of my system, though, and I'm not willing to fully divulge for the entire world. :)

Meanwhile, I've finished yet another semester at school. Today I'm cleaning and moving in to the house I'll be living in until I either get married or graduate (with the latter being more likely). Next week, Maymester begins. After that? I really don't know. I'm trying to figure my summer out right now. :D


Earth Day

The Birthday Sock

There is actually a connection between that link and the title of this post... You see...

Earth Day is my birthday. Yeah. As of forty minutes ago, I have aged another year. I just thought I'd celebrate with you all... And I love that Sock, so... :D


Dream Cast

I'm doing it. I'm creating my dream cast for The Hunger Games. (I finished the entire series yesterday. I'm slightly obsessive right now...) WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Now, I'm not doing Katniss, Peeta and Gale since they've already been cast.

I'm not sure how I feel about Jennifer Lawrence, but I like Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. Hutcherson has the softer, younger look, while Hemsworth has the rougher, older look. And they're both beautiful.

Haymitch. Robert Downey, Jr. I mean, I love RDJ with my whole heart anyway. And Haymitch is such a jerk and I love him! And Robert Downey, Jr., like, is Haymitch. I mean... c'mon.

Effie. PERFECTION. "And may the odds be ever in your favor!" With Kristin Chenoweth's ridiculous soprano squeaky voice? PERFECTION.

President Snow. Alan Rickman. I love Alan Rickman with all my heart (yes, I realize I said the same thing about RDJ) and I think I would love to hate him as Snow.

President Coin. Again, I feel like I would love to hate Meryl Streep. And see her got shot in the face with an arrow.

Chris Pine: And this gorgeous boy for... Can you guess? Finnick Odair. Can't you just see it in that smirk? And those eyes? And he could do the crazed really well, too.

Primrose, Elle Fanning. I feel like Prim was sort of written for her...

Willow Smith as Rue? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Now, there is one more character I must cast. But, as he's sort of my favorite character ever, I'm trying really hard to find the perfect man. I've got a couple of good candidates for dear Cinna...

Ewan McGregor. I hated him as Obi-Wan (though I still love Obi-Wan half to death), but adore him as Christian in Moulin Rouge. And... I think it could work. But there are better options...

David Tennant. Tenth Doctor, Hamlet, Barty Crouch, Jr.... As Cinna? I mean, I think I would die. It would be wonderful. But I almost think Tennant's a little too happy crazy...

Okay, maybe I just want Matt Bomer to be Cinna because I want to see Bomer on the silver screen. But honestly? Look at those eyes... And I think it would be fabulous to see him something other than this happy, charming chick magnet (Chuck, White Collar). But my number one choice is...

Hugh Dancy. He just screams Cinna to me. Not only is he beautiful enough, but he's also got the fashion thing down, plus he's got the haunted look that Cinna needs.



Ooo, look! I spruced up the blog! Yay! Check out the new pix and quotes on the side. I enjoy them. Obviously. Otherwise they wouldn't be there. :D



Katniss Everdeen

I now must join the chorus of voices praising The Hunger Games.

Which means there are SPOILERS ahead.

I just finished the first book. I've been avoiding the series on account of schoolwork but I had the first book pushed on to me on Monday and... Well. Here we are. The only reason it's taken me until today to finish it is because it's tech week for opera workshop.

Now, the thing is... Maybe this is just the critical author in me, but the writing style? Isn't that spectacular. It's the story. The idea. And Katniss.

The whole rebellion idea and Capitol versus the Districts and fighting for survival... And then add in the tweak of scifi and this exactly my cup of tea. In fact, it's sort of amusing how similar it is to The Gisola Trilogy (my novels) in those senses. The belief system behind the whole thing is exactly my belief system. It's freaky.

And Katniss? I mean, other than the whole fighting for survival and starving to death and dead father things... She. Is. Me. And, really, it's because of Peeta that I recognized that. And once I recognized it, it just got scarier and scarier how much she is me.

And... May I just say... I love Peeta. I mean, of course. But also?

I adored Cinna from the first moment we met him. Love, love, love, love, love, love. And I want him in my life. I mean, I'm a pyro. To be the Girl on Fire? *flail*

I have not reacted this violently to a book in a long time. I was laying down in my bed when Peeta declared his love for Katniss in the interview and sat straight up. I bawled for Rue. I just about died when they almost ate the berries. And then the rest of the book was spent with random flailing and "AHH!"s.

So... I'm waking up tomorrow and, after getting ready for school as fast as humanly possible, I'm bolting to the library to get the second book. AAAAAAHHHHH.


It's like going home...

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but, of all forms of acting (live theatre, silver screen, television), television is the one that I want to go in to. There are several reasons behind this, including the fact that, if I were to land a sizable part on a successful show, it's a steady job with six months free to do whatever (live theatre, write my novels, raise a family). It also would be more exciting as an actor: I wouldn't be doing the same blasted thing every night of the week and I'd be able to inhabit and develop one character (which really appeals the author me) over an extended period of time.

Funny thing is, for the first, oh, fourteen years of my life, I rarely ever watched television. On those little questionnaires they'd hand out, I'd always answer "I don't watch TV, I read" when asked what my favorite TV show was. Sure, I watched the usual Sesame Street and Barney as a little one, but I'd have rather been reading. I'd watch The Muppet Show, Bill Nye the Science Guy and NBC with Tom Brokaw (who I still have a crush on, by the way... it's the voice) with my parents, but other than that? Nothing much.

When I got to the age where I was staying up past 8pm, 9pm, I actually started joining my parents on Friday nights when they'd be watching some show. Interestingly enough, this happened around the same time they started in on a new show. Their usual favorite had just been cancelled and this other show had had a movie they'd seen (which they hadn't liked) and was on the same network. They decided what the heck and tried it out. Turns out they liked it a lot more than they had liked the movie, though they were coming in on the sixth or seventh season.

It's because of this show I fell in love with television.

Today I finally accomplished something long in the making. I have officially watched all 214 episodes and both movies (not including the one my parents didn't like) of this show. And if you're well versed in television, you will know that only one American science fiction show has ever lasted that long. That would be Stargate: SG-1. We can thank Hulu for putting up all ten seasons.

True, Stargate: SG-1 is no longer my favorite TV show. It's not even number two. I'd probably say it's number three. (Amusingly enough, my favorite TV show is the one that was cancelled right before I started watching television: Farscape. Which, again amusingly, stars two actors who are in Stargate: SG-1. Also amusingly, the reason I was introduced to my number two is because I followed an actor from SG-1 to the show: Burn Notice-the actor was Michael Shanks.)

BUT. Though the first six seasons took me a good year, once I hit season seven and started recognizing things, I blew through the rest of the series and it was like going home. I still cried during the series finale: Unending. (You may ask what initiated the crying... Well, basically the whole episode, but it always starts when Daniel starts yelling at Vala like there's no tomorrow... Michael Shanks' acting... I still cannot get over how phenomenal it is.)

I want to be part of something like that. And I'm determined that I will be.