Dream Cast

I'm doing it. I'm creating my dream cast for The Hunger Games. (I finished the entire series yesterday. I'm slightly obsessive right now...) WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Now, I'm not doing Katniss, Peeta and Gale since they've already been cast.

I'm not sure how I feel about Jennifer Lawrence, but I like Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. Hutcherson has the softer, younger look, while Hemsworth has the rougher, older look. And they're both beautiful.

Haymitch. Robert Downey, Jr. I mean, I love RDJ with my whole heart anyway. And Haymitch is such a jerk and I love him! And Robert Downey, Jr., like, is Haymitch. I mean... c'mon.

Effie. PERFECTION. "And may the odds be ever in your favor!" With Kristin Chenoweth's ridiculous soprano squeaky voice? PERFECTION.

President Snow. Alan Rickman. I love Alan Rickman with all my heart (yes, I realize I said the same thing about RDJ) and I think I would love to hate him as Snow.

President Coin. Again, I feel like I would love to hate Meryl Streep. And see her got shot in the face with an arrow.

Chris Pine: And this gorgeous boy for... Can you guess? Finnick Odair. Can't you just see it in that smirk? And those eyes? And he could do the crazed really well, too.

Primrose, Elle Fanning. I feel like Prim was sort of written for her...

Willow Smith as Rue? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Now, there is one more character I must cast. But, as he's sort of my favorite character ever, I'm trying really hard to find the perfect man. I've got a couple of good candidates for dear Cinna...

Ewan McGregor. I hated him as Obi-Wan (though I still love Obi-Wan half to death), but adore him as Christian in Moulin Rouge. And... I think it could work. But there are better options...

David Tennant. Tenth Doctor, Hamlet, Barty Crouch, Jr.... As Cinna? I mean, I think I would die. It would be wonderful. But I almost think Tennant's a little too happy crazy...

Okay, maybe I just want Matt Bomer to be Cinna because I want to see Bomer on the silver screen. But honestly? Look at those eyes... And I think it would be fabulous to see him something other than this happy, charming chick magnet (Chuck, White Collar). But my number one choice is...

Hugh Dancy. He just screams Cinna to me. Not only is he beautiful enough, but he's also got the fashion thing down, plus he's got the haunted look that Cinna needs.

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  1. Oh my gosh that is awesome!! Perfect!