Katniss Everdeen

I now must join the chorus of voices praising The Hunger Games.

Which means there are SPOILERS ahead.

I just finished the first book. I've been avoiding the series on account of schoolwork but I had the first book pushed on to me on Monday and... Well. Here we are. The only reason it's taken me until today to finish it is because it's tech week for opera workshop.

Now, the thing is... Maybe this is just the critical author in me, but the writing style? Isn't that spectacular. It's the story. The idea. And Katniss.

The whole rebellion idea and Capitol versus the Districts and fighting for survival... And then add in the tweak of scifi and this exactly my cup of tea. In fact, it's sort of amusing how similar it is to The Gisola Trilogy (my novels) in those senses. The belief system behind the whole thing is exactly my belief system. It's freaky.

And Katniss? I mean, other than the whole fighting for survival and starving to death and dead father things... She. Is. Me. And, really, it's because of Peeta that I recognized that. And once I recognized it, it just got scarier and scarier how much she is me.

And... May I just say... I love Peeta. I mean, of course. But also?

I adored Cinna from the first moment we met him. Love, love, love, love, love, love. And I want him in my life. I mean, I'm a pyro. To be the Girl on Fire? *flail*

I have not reacted this violently to a book in a long time. I was laying down in my bed when Peeta declared his love for Katniss in the interview and sat straight up. I bawled for Rue. I just about died when they almost ate the berries. And then the rest of the book was spent with random flailing and "AHH!"s.

So... I'm waking up tomorrow and, after getting ready for school as fast as humanly possible, I'm bolting to the library to get the second book. AAAAAAHHHHH.

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