It's a good day

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's been a while. Life's been... crazy.

Yesterday I had a very not good day. It sort of climaxed when I had a friend talking to me about how easily she can read people and know when they're not okay and I was sitting there thinking, "Oh, hey, I hate being an actor because YOU CAN'T TELL THAT I'M NOT OKAY AND I'M SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU". Ahem. Yes. Like I said. Not a good day. I ended up giving up on even moving and fell asleep on the couch.

Then today. I woke up on time. And had no trouble getting up. (No, not because I was on the couch. The couch is actually more comfortable than my mattress, to be perfectly honest.) I went to class. It was okay. I went to my next class, which is my favorite class I'm taking this semester. It was fantastic. I went home for lunch and dragged two friends with me. Made them sandwiches. (I have this thing where I love to feed people. I don't know why....) Went to my next class which was actually pretty good.

I went to do my volunteer work. It was a little more frustrating than usual, but it was fine. I went to work. Got to cut fruit most of the time which I, oddly enough, like to do. Sat down to wait for dinner and got some writing done. When I came home there was a package from home waiting for me as well as a card from my grandma with some cash. The package included a funny t-shirt, some sporks (if you've seen Veggie Tales' "Lord of the Beans"...), some Star Wars coloring books with stickers, some Valentine's chocolates, a card with a cow with heart-shaped spots, and some more money.

I legitimately cried. I just sat there and cried for a bit, letting the "I'm okay" feeling just wash over me.

Then I put on "The Princess Bride" and cleaned my room (which has been needing to be cleaned for weeks).

Plus, I have my window wide open and it's gorgeous.

It's a good day.