Rage=Creativity. ...Apparently.

So I used to have some issues with a short temper. I soon found that buying a large package of wooden pencils to snap when I was angry helped a lot. Then I got better with controlling my temper. It had been at least a good year since I'd snapped a pencil when I got home tonight. Then I snapped five.

Then I pulled out a couple lighters and started setting fire to the broken pencil bits. Then I pulled out one of the leftover wallets of my senior pictures that I have sitting around and set fire to it. I'd never set fire to a photograph before... What happens is actually really cool. It sort of bubbles and gives everything an orange hue.

This is what that wallet now is:

This is what it looked like when I accidentally took a picture with flash:

And then this is what the original photo looks like:

Yay burning stuff...


"Live, and tell those stories yourself."

So fate really wanted me to see Thor, apparently.

The day the movie came out, I posted a status on FB whining about how I wanted to see it. A friend told me it was in a theatre close to campus and told me that if I needed a ride, she'd be happy to take me. I thanked her but figured it wouldn't happen since I'm really not willing to spend the money on a movie ticket right now.

Then a friend in Spanish class and I were geeking out about all the comic book movies coming out this summer. He asked if I'd seen Thor yet and when I told him no, he pulled out a twenty dollar bill and said it was good enough that he was paying for me to go see it.

Right. Awesome. My life rules.

I go. I sit down. It's a po-dunk theatre in a small town, so there's only one trailer before the movie starts. Guess what trailer that was. Captain America. Already I'm geeking out and giggling to myself. It's a good thing, actually, that I went to this movie alone... I was muttering and giggling excitedly the entire movie. Stayed through the credits, of course, for the after credits scene.

And now I'm sitting here trying to find a single shred of criticism for this movie. It was so beyond geek out worthy, especially for someone who loves Thor from the comic books to begin with. (Yes, I'm one of those someones... I'm a nerd, all right??) Chris Hemsworth is extremely BA. Natalie Portman had redeemed herself from Star Wars with Black Swan and this only furthered that redemption. I was amused by the reference to Iron Man and I loved the explanation of the mythology. The action was amazing. There was nothing at ~all~ that I would feel uncomfortable about if watching it with my younger siblings. Heck, I'm not even entirely sure why it was rated PG-13, especially compared to some of the other movies out there.

The kiss was just... I loved it. I was all geared up to get annoyed by the lack of kiss and then Natalie Portman just slams in and kisses him and I was ~so~ happy. The action was everything a science fiction/comic book action movie should be. The graphics were downright phenomenal. The score was powerful. And Kenneth Branagh has once again proven he's a genius.

My favorite part, though, was a sort exchange of dialogue between Thor and Sif. We all watch the movies and read the books where heroes are willing to die for the cause and talk about how generations to come will tell stories about their bravery. It's inspring, yes. But Thor has a different idea. And I frelling love it.

Thor: "Sif, you've done all you could."
Sif: "No! I'll die a warrior's death! Stories will be told of this day!"
Thor: "Live, and tell those stories yourself."


Love is in the Air...

Being at a predominately LDS school it is not uncommon for there to be multiple people I know fairly well who that are engaged. Especially in the spring and summer months.

Because of that this year (and I also had a non-LDS high school friend get ~married~ this last weekend) I've decided I've got this wonderful love-hate relationship with engaged couples. I'll go through their pictures and oggle the rings and ask details about wedding plans and how he proposed, etc. and gush like a proper female should.

Then one day I was going through a friend's engagement pictures. "Ooo! They're so cute! Awww... I love them. Ohh!! I'm so happy for them! Oh, awww, yay... They're so cute! She's gorgeous! They look so happy! I love them!! I HATE THEM."

Suddenly I'm cracking up at myself and my sudden outburst as I continue: "It's NOT FAIR!" I especially hate those girls that are fresh out of high school, small little freshman and not only find the right guy, but he's an RM and everything and, wha-bam, there are girls younger than me getting married.

I know, I realize that there are great benefits to not being married yet. Heck, I am ~glad~ I'm not married yet. Partially because the couple guys that I could've gotten married to... *shudders* I'm glad I don't have to spend eternity with them. :D But at the same time... Not fair.

In other news, Taylor Swift has weaved herself in to my life again... Seriously? It's creepy how many of her songs are like "Uhm, yeah, that describes my life..." :)