Love is in the Air...

Being at a predominately LDS school it is not uncommon for there to be multiple people I know fairly well who that are engaged. Especially in the spring and summer months.

Because of that this year (and I also had a non-LDS high school friend get ~married~ this last weekend) I've decided I've got this wonderful love-hate relationship with engaged couples. I'll go through their pictures and oggle the rings and ask details about wedding plans and how he proposed, etc. and gush like a proper female should.

Then one day I was going through a friend's engagement pictures. "Ooo! They're so cute! Awww... I love them. Ohh!! I'm so happy for them! Oh, awww, yay... They're so cute! She's gorgeous! They look so happy! I love them!! I HATE THEM."

Suddenly I'm cracking up at myself and my sudden outburst as I continue: "It's NOT FAIR!" I especially hate those girls that are fresh out of high school, small little freshman and not only find the right guy, but he's an RM and everything and, wha-bam, there are girls younger than me getting married.

I know, I realize that there are great benefits to not being married yet. Heck, I am ~glad~ I'm not married yet. Partially because the couple guys that I could've gotten married to... *shudders* I'm glad I don't have to spend eternity with them. :D But at the same time... Not fair.

In other news, Taylor Swift has weaved herself in to my life again... Seriously? It's creepy how many of her songs are like "Uhm, yeah, that describes my life..." :)

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