Rage=Creativity. ...Apparently.

So I used to have some issues with a short temper. I soon found that buying a large package of wooden pencils to snap when I was angry helped a lot. Then I got better with controlling my temper. It had been at least a good year since I'd snapped a pencil when I got home tonight. Then I snapped five.

Then I pulled out a couple lighters and started setting fire to the broken pencil bits. Then I pulled out one of the leftover wallets of my senior pictures that I have sitting around and set fire to it. I'd never set fire to a photograph before... What happens is actually really cool. It sort of bubbles and gives everything an orange hue.

This is what that wallet now is:

This is what it looked like when I accidentally took a picture with flash:

And then this is what the original photo looks like:

Yay burning stuff...

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