Those Moments When Cliches Prove True

Why do we take the people in our lives for granted? Why don't we realize how good of a friend someone is until he's about to leave? Why do we not see what's standing right before our very eyes until it's practically too late? Why do we try to convince ourselves we feel differently than we really do and how in the world do we succeed in convincing ourselves that?

I actually convinced myself of a lie. Fully and completely believed it. Then, in the span of two or three hours, life laughed in my face and there was no way I could deny the truth anymore. And I had just over twenty-four hours to make up for an entire semester.

It was a rather bizarre experience.

I don't know how it'll affect my future. I know that after those twenty-four hours were up I was a complete mess: laughing one moment, then sobbing the next. I would like to quote Taylor Swift here, though... "This is me praying that this was the very first page, not where the storyline ends."

I apologize for the cheesiness, cliches and... well, cryptic nature of this post. I sort of needed this out of my system, though, and I'm not willing to fully divulge for the entire world. :)

Meanwhile, I've finished yet another semester at school. Today I'm cleaning and moving in to the house I'll be living in until I either get married or graduate (with the latter being more likely). Next week, Maymester begins. After that? I really don't know. I'm trying to figure my summer out right now. :D

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