So let me explain where this came from first. We've been going through all the Harry Potter movies as a family in order to prepare ourselves to see the new one for my brother's, Tucker, birthday yesterday. So, as you can imagine, add that to the fact that I annually listen to the Harry Potter series while working in the corn and Kate decided to join in on that since it was her first year in the corn, Kate and I have been... in a very Potter mindset. Well, and then add on the whole Pottermore excitement this week... Yes, Kate and I are magical. Pottermore told us so. Bwahahahaha... *ahem* Anywho...

Both Kate and Allie have known for a while what their Patronuses are. Kate has an owl, Allie has a penguin. (Yes. A penguin. Be frightened, dementors. Be very frightened.) I've never really been satisfied with anything I could think of. My first thought: dragon. Way too much. Then phoenix. I'm nothing like Dumbledore, sadly. Okay... Tiger? No... Bear? No... Fox? No... Lizard? No... Hippogriff? (Is that allowed??) No... Monkey? No... I COULDN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT MY PATRONUS IS. Heck, I know what my happy memory is. No contest. But what in the world is my patronus?

Finally I resorted to google image search and typed in "unique animals". That's how desperate I was.

Then I found it. Ring-tailed lemurs.

I tell Allie and, her being a late 90s baby, her first thought is King Julian. "I like to move it, move it..." from Madagascar. While I love that movie, and I love King Julian ("We love the people. ...They're not a very lively bunch."), King Julian is not the number one lemur dear to my heart.

Luckily, Kate, being a mid 90s baby, understood.

So... I may or may not be watching this show all over again now. I'm truly amazed at how much I remember... The food seeming to make him magically talk, the clay characters, how the stuff in the closet always falls on them, "I was leaping through the forest... Leap, leap, leap...", his funny little laugh... The Kratt Brothers have a very dear place in my heart. I started with them in Kratt Creatures. Found out a few weeks ago they've got another show now: Wild Kratts. It's a bit odd, but let's be honest. The Kratt Brothers themselves are a bit odd. They're so much older now, too! They're grey and balding! O.o

Anywho. I love Zoboomafoo. And I've decided I'm going to have DVDs of the series. And my children will grow up on the Kratt Brothers. Because I love them so. :D

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