Being Olllllllld

So I've been back "home" for a little over a week now. Basically my life consists of job hunting and talking with friends from school through any means possible. Well, and going to the pool. I hate how BV doesn't have a pool. Especially when I'm rather spoiled here with this beautiful aquatic center with three slides, a diving board and a platform as well as (this is my favorite part) a lazy river.

Work in the corn hasn't started yet which would be why I'm hunting for another job. Well, I probably would be hunting for another job anyway. I need moolah. It's sort of important. I wish it weren't, but, well, that's the world for you. Bleh. I've applied a variety of places but I haven't heard back from anyone yet. I'm going to start following up soon.

Kate, my sister, has a "not-boyfriend" now. And by that I mean, she's not 16 yet so they're not technically dating. But they're holding hands as they go around the lazy river. Suddenly I understand why parents mock their children when it comes to relationships. It's a coping mechanism. Now I feel olllllllld...

Adding to my feeling olllllllld, yesterday was the 4th of July. Woo! Yay for pancake breakfast, our yearly movie (Cars 2 this year... I really want to figure out a way to make a Burn Notice/Cars crossover now since Bruce Campbell is an American spy in Cars 2...), BBQ with, like, 12 families in our backyard, sparklers and then, of course, fireworks. Now the "olllllllld" part... I'm sitting there during the fireworks, kind of sitting alone, watching and listening (my favorite part is feeling the explosions). Behind me is a bunch of kids being, well, kids. Talking about the fireworks, "oo"-ing and "ah"-ing and part of me... a really large part of me... just really wanted them to shut up. I just wanted to watch fireworks with no other noise around me. No one talking. The only sound being the fireworks themselves. I think that would be really awesome...

Gosh, darnit, I'm olllllllld!!!!

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