"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead."

I've come to the realization in the past few months that I really hate it when the people I care most about are less than happy. And then it's even worse when they won't tell me why. I don't want to push them into telling me, but I want to help. And I have trouble figuring out how to help even when I do know what the issue is. Do I act all peppy and happy and excited about life and hope it wears off on them? Do I tell them that I know how they feel and try to somehow help that way? Do I try to come up with some ideas for solutions even though I have no idea what I'm talking about?

And then! We add on the fact that all of my people, save family, aren't in close proximity right now so I can't at least give them a big hug. I mean, sometimes all a person needs is a big hug. Just the physical touch of another sympathetic human being can make all the difference. But they're all at least a thousand miles away. Granted, I love technology and the fact that I can stay in such close contact with the people I love despite the distance between us, but nothing, I repeat, nothing will ever make up for actually being with someone.

I just want them happy. I just want them genuinely smiling. I just want them to be excited about life.

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