Eugene and Chameleons

So... Tangled.

I'm a bit obsessed with it right now.

I've watched it twice illegally (shhh...) and finally saw it in the theater tonight. And the only music I've been listening to all week has not been Christmas music, but the Tangled soundtrack.


I want to BE Pascal. I don't want to own a Pascal (I want to own a Toothless... From How To Train Your Dragon), I want to BE a Pascal. I spent a good portion of time after the movie tonight making his cute little squeaks and purr/growls.

Also... Who would want a prince after watching that movie? I want a thief!! Specifically, Flynn Rider. AKA Eugene Fitzherbert. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I never thought Disney could beat their success of Prince Naveen from Princess and the Frog, but, well, here we are.

Last but not least, though it's not the right color, Gothel has my hair!! Which makes me really want to find a dress like hers and dress up. And I know exactly who would be my Rapunzel.

In Other News...

I'm going to Hogwarts.

No, legitly. I'm going to Hogwarts. True, it's not in England, it's in Florida, but...

Yeah, that's right. I'm going to The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida. Leaving next Friday and meeting the family there. This time next week? I'll be in 70 degree weather. And in FREAKING HOGWARTS. *flail* Not that I'm, like, excited, or anything. Nah.

Hugs And Kisses!

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