It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas...

I'm in The Nutcracker tonight! Just playing a mom in the beginning party scene, but it's still so much fun. It also happens to be the first thing that I've done on stage in over a year now so it's really nice for that reason as well. Currently, I am at rehearsal watching Act II... The costumes are so much fun! I'm actually rather impressed, considering budget. And, yes, I'll post pictures later.

In other news it's supposed to snow today! I'm so excited and I hope we get some decent snow that sticks and at least gives everything a nice little layer of white. That's always so pretty! It'd be even better if there's enough for a snowball fight... Not that I have time for that, with finals and final performances and whatnot.

Speaking of, I'm really excited for the end of the semester. My sister, Kate, and I are going to be tackling this project: The Fiction Project. Me, being an author, Kate, being an artist. Both of us have a little bit of the other in us as well. That's our Winter Break excitement.

Oh, yeah. Also, after the performance tonight is the Winter Ball. I'm actually going... It'll be my first formal dance since Senior Prom. Funnily enough, I'm going in the same dress. That was not planned, I promise.  And, yes, I'll post pictures of that as well.

Tomorrow is the Christmas First Presidency message! Yay! I always love hearing from President Monson, Eyring and Uchtdorf. All three of them... You just want to give them a big hug. They're so precious.

I apologize for this post being so... haphazard. True, that is the title of the blog, but I promise I'll be less all over the place most of the time. It's a bit distracting right now with all these dancers and theatre people, you know.

Hugs and Kisses!

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