The Idiots Who Run Disney And Why It's Not Just Them

Before we begin, go read this: Disney and fairy tales parting ways

First off, I want to know how I missed this piece of information until now. Really, the only reason I found out is because I was trying to think of who else could become a Disney Princess and my Google search led me to the article.

See, now, the main problem behind this is America and her values. (Which I have major issues with anyway.) Specifically, in this case, the idea that money is everything and you have to please everyone or it’s just not worth it. Whatever happened to taking chances? And you know the irony with that is they make popular movies (behind which the idea is money is everything and you have to please everyone) that are about taking chances. UGH.

I’m also curious... There was a big break between all those “classic” Disney Princess movies that came out in the 90s and The Princess and The Frog. Wouldn’t that be called “coming back later because someone has a fresh take on it”? Definitely was fresh... Set in New Orleans, in the 20th century, and an African American Princess (plus a... whatever race he is Prince). Tangled went back to the “classic” a bit more but with completely different animation. Both of them have more focus and more developed Princes. I would call that a fresh take! Wouldn’t you? To be honest, the jazz feel of The Princess and The Frog almost bugs me and the new animation for Tangled bothers me slightly because it’s not the “classic” feel of Disney Princess movies.

And, really, who cares if it appeals more to girls? Oh, wait, those who believe in the idea that money is everything and you have to please everyone or it’s just not worth it. LAME. It doesn’t just appeal to girls of a certain age, either. Or maybe I’m just weird and have weird friends. Because all my friends (including a good number of males, I might add) loved The Princess and The Frog and loved Tangled. I know grown women and men who love these movies. I know one male in specific, in his mid-late twenties, who has all the lyrics to Tangled memorized. And he’s not gay.

Another question. If they don’t want to be known for their Princesses why do they market it? All the CDs, the posters, the coloring books, etc., etc., etc. Magic Kingdom is centered around Cinderella’s Castle!

So, maybe they don’t exactly give girls the best ideas about what they should be. It’s true, life is not a fairy tale. But at a young age you should be given the opportunity to pretend. You should be given the opportunity to dress up in princess dresses and sparkly tiaras, then look in the mirror and believe that you’re a beautiful princess. Even in an older age it’s still fun to pretend, isn’t it? Even though we know it’s not real, we can still imagine. And now I’m in danger of getting into another point I strongly believe in so I’ll let it go.

The point is, there is a bigger issue--several bigger issues behind this. And something needs to be done about it.

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