1,000 Reasons To Smile

"When life gives you one hundred reasons to cry, give life one thousand reasons to smile."

Two years ago I ran across that quote. I decided to take on the challenge. I got help from friends. It's definitely personalized. And it took me all the way to today to finish. But I conquered. And I thought I'd share.


1. God loves me.
2. My family loves me.
3. My friends love me.
4. I’m going to a great college.
5. Good grades.
6. How fast time really does fly.
7. Being missed back home.
8. I live in a warm home.
9. I’ve found something I’d love to do for the rest of my life (act).
10. Jesus Christ suffered for my sins.
11. When exams aren't as bad as you expected.
12. Four day weekends.
13. How ridiculous politics can be.
14. The feeling of clean hair.
15. My muse has returned to my novels.
16. Charlie Chaplin tells me to smile.
17. There’s a rainbow on my wall.
18. Jason Mraz’s song “Lucky.”
19. I’m not lacking in technology.
20. Taking naps in the sunlight.
21. I have a vivid imagination.
22. Remembering/watching video from Yellowstone.
23. I have an amazing family—the extended family as well as my immediate one.
24. I have truly excellent, beautiful hair.
25. I’m young with a bright future ahead of me.
26. My last name is such a fun name to say. :) 
27. I’m probably the most likable person TJ’s ever met.
28. The film adaptions of LOTR are probably some of the best movies ever.
29. A five pound bag of gummy bears STILL remains gummy and soft, rather than hard and chewy, even after all this time. 
30. Candy/chocolate in general.
31. My laugh.
32. My charm.
33. My wit.
34. House, MD.
35. Jack O’Neill. 
36. Teal’c.
37. Daniel Jackson.
38. The endless patience of some people.
39. The Protagonist, the musical.
40. Soft/fuzzy blankets.
41. Comfort food.
42. The Ninth Doctor.
43. The Tenth Doctor. 
44. Rose Tyler.
45. Warm showers or baths that help melt away any problems. 
46. Cozy beds to sleep in.
47. The fact that I look like Anne Hathaway. 
48. Snow days and not having to make them up. 
49. Music that makes you want to dance.
50. Music that makes you want to sing. 
51. Remembering the really awkward thing that certain teachers have said (and done) in class. (A certain drama class in particular. Soooo funny.) 
52. Slippers. :) 
53. Stephanie. 
54. Cheese. 
55. Twin babies. 
56. Airsoft guns. 
57. Nerf guns. 
58. Real swords. 
59. Roller blading/skating. 
60. Summer time. 
61. The sounds that people make when they sneeze. 
62. Devious plans. 
63. Anything Steve says.
64. Steve’s parties. 
65. The power some girls have over some guys.
66. Fire… fire good… 
67. Adrenalin. 
68. Opening presents. 
69. Rainbows.
70. First kisses. 
71. Second kisses. 
72. Any other kisses. 
73. Kiss from pets (except birds). 
74. Chimichonga because it’s a fun word to say. 
75. Lightsaber effects.
76. Baby smiles.
77. Someone saying “smile or I will kill you right now.”
78. Someone is taking a picture. 
79. You are playing the smile game.
80. Your period goes by quickly.
81. A (non-creepy) boy asks you out. 
82. You get a compliment. 
83. You finish your homework.
84. Cartoon characters.
85. Sledding. 
86. Sledding bloopers.
87. Amusement parks. 
88. Not trying to be very serious.
89. Erin’s puppy.
90. Hugs. Big hugs. 
91. Doodling. 
92. A long day ahead of you with no obligations. 
93. Long books. 
94. Being inside when it’s raining. 
95. Ice cream. 
96. Someone tells you you’re beautiful. 
97. Staying up really late just talking and eating pizza.
98. Sitting by a fire.
99. Listening to a choir.
100. Starry nights. 
101. Catching fireflies. 
102. Growing up. 
103. Being a kid. 
104. Playing with kids. 
105. God created me to be beautiful and gave me a purpose.
106. Hugs from behind. 
107. Surprises. 
108. Crushes. 
109. Sunny days in winter. 
110. Summer rain. 
111. Wishes on eyelashes. 
112. Cheesecake! 
113. Speeding (and not getting caught…). 
114. Good times with friends. 
115. Inside jokes.
116. Urbandictionary definitions. 
117. Little happy faces. :) 
118. The fact that our generation is going to change the world!
119. Music—good, bad, whatever.
120. Being loved for exactly who you are, no matter what. 
121. My whole life lays before me.
122. Joseph Smith.
123. Pamela!! 
124. Our Heavenly Father. 
125. Sunshine. 
126. Rain. 
127. Flowers.
128. Birds. 
129. A newly washed bed cover.
130. Cake.
131. Biscuits. 
132. Good hair day. 
133. Sand between your toes. 
134. Listening to the sea lapping on the shore.
135. Fresh warm bread.
136. Soft socks. 
137. New shoes. 
138. Hot dress! 
139. Watching a good movie while eating chocolate. 
140. Reading a book.
141. Computers that work correctly!!! 
142. My beautiful voice.
143. My cuteness!
144. My hot bod! 
145. Talking to someone for hours. 
146. Poems.
147. Songs you love on the radio. 
148. Pretty colors. 
149. Pretty eyes.
150. Warm and fuzzy sweatshirts. 
151. <33s. 
152. Text messages with happy faces.
153. Different ways people laugh. 
154. Every person is different but we all live life together. 
155. Stories.
156. “I love you.” 
157. Taking pictures! (Especially silly ones.) 
158. Random sayings. 
159. Reading a letter from someone. 
160. A nice walk.
161. Someone that listens.
162. Someone that speaks their mind.
163. Sleeping in.
164. Determination.
165. Motivation.
166. Smiles are contagious. 
167. Zack (and his hair!). 
168. TJ (and his laugh!). 
169. Shoes, lol.
170. Yummy smells. 
171. Pie. 
172. Guitar solos.
173. Lucky things.)
174. Cereal.  (..."We all live in a cereal world and I am a cereal girl!!!!!!")
175. Teddy bears! 
176. New things to discover. 
177. Old things to remember. 
178. Cartoons. 
179. Awards. 
180. Being part of something. 
181. Freedom. 
182. Dreams... 
183. Having the satisfaction of kicking a guy in the nuts. 
184. Going to the movies. 
185. Watching the previews at the movies. 
186. When you get just the right amount of syrup in your chocolate milk.
187. Cheese pizza.
188. Graduation. 
189. Jeff Dunham. 
190. Funny people in general. 
191. Baby bunnies. 
192. Rock Band (especially when Steve sings).
193. Shiny things.
194. Random people. 
195. Food. 
196. Fuzzy socks. 
197. Cookies from Cookies, Etc. 
198. Wall*E. (And Mo!!)
199. Chapstick. 
200. Sporks. 
201. Jumping in leaf piles.
202. Making snow angels.
203. Getting your paycheck.
204. Bow ties.
205. Coat tails.
206. G2 pens.
207. Really bad jokes.
208. The awesome lady from Hy-Vee.
209. Fedoras.
210. Drosselmeyer (from the Nutcracker... especially when he's played by Nathan).
211. Cherry Coke with lots of cherry.
212. Downtown Charlottesville.
213. Mountains.
214. Forests.
215. Beaches.
216. British accents.
217. Scottish brogue.
218. Irish accents.
219. Australian accents.
220. Italian accents.
221. German accents.
222. Flamingos.
223. Amazingly great fanfiction (for example, anything from Cleo the Muse).
224. Guys who wear pink.
225. How horrible the Star Wars prequels are.
226. How bad the acting is in the original Star Wars (except Harrison Ford).
227. Harrison Ford.
228. Indiana Jones (yes, including Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).
229. Comic books.
230. Comic book movies (Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.)
231. Sacred Grove.
232. Temples.
233. Cute elderly couples who hold hands in the grocery store.
234. Bubbles.
235. Sea island cotton lotion.
236. Bass voices.
237. Learning things you love to learn.
238. Being productive.
239. Llama kisses.
240. Dressing up.
241. Sparkly things.
242. Secret agent Sunday school teachers.
243. Star gazing.
244. Being able to pick out satellites in the night sky.
245. Converse.
246. Sidewalk chalk drawings.
247. Successful parties.
248. The game Curses.
249. The Great Dalmuti (especially when Dad is the Great Dalmuti and Spencer is the Great Peon... classic).
250. Swiss Army knives.
251. Good sales.
252. Hiking
253. Camping.
254. Long road trips.
255. Waterfalls.
256. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
257. Veggie Tales.
258. Swinging on ropes hanging from the catwalk in the auditorium.
259. Reconnecting with old friends and realizing you still are a lot alike.
260. Green grass on bare feet.
261. Boys.
262. Curly q's.
263. Red hair.
264. Green eyes.
265. Earrings.
266. Josh Groban.
267. Argyle.
268. Just because.
269. Sandals with socks. 
270. Dancing in the rain.
271. People with OCD (for example, Adrian Monk).
272. Knee high socks.
273. Disco nights.
274. Vinyl.
275. Big pockets.
276. Trench coats.
277. Leather coats.
278. Leather trench coats (especially red leather... and when it costs $8).
279. Top hats. 
280. Bowler hats.
281. Jazz hands.
282. Jazz squares.
283. Shimmies.
284. Dramatic entrances.
285. Dramatic exits.
286. Checkers and polka dots.
287. Chandeliers.
288. New Zealanders. 
289. Freckles.
290. Males who cry.
291. Colorful ties.
292. People who freak out when others crack their knuckles.
293. President Stott's stories. (Don't "hey" the sheep.)
294. Gold short shorts (Juno).
295. Because frowning is depressing.
296. The name "Hubert." (Admit it, you're GRINNING now.)
297. Harry Potter glasses. 
298. Elvis Presley.
299. Mr. Daddow.
300. Michael Phelps. 
301. Wii Boxing.
302. Military time.
303. Plane rides.
304. Fishing.
305. Thunderstorms.
306. Sunsets.
307. Sunrises.
308. Watching distant thunderstorms at night while sitting in an airplane.
309. Cuddles.
310. Trying to lose the game "Honey, I love you."
311. The game Tip-Top.
312. Playing football with friends.
313. Tickle wars.
314. When males where pink.
315. Because you don't want the Joker to ask you "Why so serious?"
316. No seminary.
317. Great marching songs.
318. Not arguing.
319. Defying gravity.
320. Organization.
321. Health.
322. Battle war.
323. Bike riding.
324. Constructive criticism.
325. Being a female and singing tenor.
326. Huge purses that you can fit several books in.
327. Spending an entire day with theatre/speech kids.
328. Burn Notice.
329. Photography.
330. Tact.
331. Small everyday miracles.
332. Answered prayers.
333. The craziness of Coach Norris.
334. MARVEL.
335. Pendragon series.
336. Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat.
337. Obamicons.
338. Star Wars as told by someone who's never seen it.
339. End of Ze World!
340. Monkeys. 
341. My dad's famous jewel speech that he gives to boys.
342. Trampolines. 
343. Things that are wireless. 
344. Clean rooms. 
345. Knights in shining armor. 
346. Monty Python movies.
347. Legos. 
348. Play do. 
349. Tin foil. 
350. Duck tape and the sound it makes.
351. Pogo stick wipeouts.
352. The face of someone when you give them a gift they really wanted. 
353. April Fools.
354. Playing the game where you go "ha" "ha ha" "ha ha ha" "ha ha ha ha." 
355. Twister. 
356. Steve writing these while in his underwear (just got out of the shower). 
357. Clean laundry!
358. Kareoke.
359. Capture the chicken. 
360. Bra complaints.
361. Pants with holes in them. 
362. Being poked. 
363. Being tickled. 
364. Static hair. 
365. Staring contests. 
366. Exploding pens.
367. The word "lobe."
368. Pointless mall walks. 
369. When you have a bad day and people almost tackle you with hugs. 
370. Fuzzy little kittens. 
371. When you get a new pet.
372. Getting odd looks from people in school or really anywhere because you're making a fool out of yourself with your friends.
373. Give a friend a look and you both die of laughter for no reason.
374. The way you love your family no matter how many fights you get into. 
375. When you find something on sale that you would die for and its 50% or 75% off. 
377. Laughing babies. 
378. Short people. 
379. Tall people. 
380. Old friends. 
381. New friends. 
382. Chicken nuggets. 
383. Cats that trip running. 
384. Dogs that take care of kittens.
385. Cats that take care of puppies.
386. Twizzlers. 
387. Bok choy (an awesome word to throw in at random). 
388. Cows (yeah cows!).
389. Comedies.
390. Green hair. 
391. Thunder snow.
392. Weatherman that trip on camera.
393. New music.
394. Birthday parties.
395. Dressing silly. 
396. Spanglish.
397. Flying Burrito.
398. Capris.
399. Ducks.
400. Sleep overs.
401. Hershey's syrup. 
402. Passing notes in class.
403. Getting love letters.
404. Breath mints. 
405. Winter: The Formal (AKA... WTF). 
406. Asian movies where the audio doesn't line up. 
407. Chap stick that tastes so good that it's more like lip candy.
408. Candy necklaces. 
409. Lightsabers. 
410. Someone calling just to see how your day was. 
411. Black socks cause they never get dirty. (The longer you wear them, the stronger they get...)
412. Shinny pennies.
413. iPod/mp3 players. 
414. Birthday presents that were made from the heart.
415. Butterfly kisses. 
416. Butterflies themselves.
417. A cow imitating a vampire: "moo-ha-ha."
418. Seeing old teachers. 
419. New cousins being born into your family.
420. Beatles Rock Band 
421. Doing better in college than in high school.
422. Steering someone away from a bad habit. 
423. Giggling for 20 minutes. 
424. Dancing crazily and then posting the video on facebook. 
425. Giving gifts. 
426. Buzzling (more than like, less than love). 
427. Waking up next to someone you like.
428. Feeling at home far away from your parents. 
429. Apples-To-Apples. 
430. Playing late-night catch-phrase. 
431. Making inside jokes.
432. Being crazy and fun without having any alcohol.
433. Smiles.
434. Trick-or-Treating. 
435. Reese's. 
436. Being the assistant Primary Chorister.
437. UP.
438. The wisdom of "Chocolate cheesecake is a good substitute for a lot of things."
439. Ninjas.
440. Day old bread from Jimmy John's.
441. Getting your roommate for college.
442. Breathing.
443. Being called a princess.
444. Staying up late just talking.
445. Saying hi to trees.
446. Hippies.
447. Video chatting with people far away.
448. Putting on pajamas that just came out of the dryer.
449. You realize Ratatouille is Cyrano de Bergerac.
450. Cyrano de Bergerac.
451. 80's movies that you watch with your parents as they realize, in horror, how risque the movie really is.
452. John Travolta.
453. Old Disney movies like Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.
454. Getting in the pool for the first time of the season.
455. Manly Man. (OGM!)
456. Dying your hair blue and it turns out to be more green.
457. Graduating from high school.
458. Mud wrestling.
459. Texting.
460. Having fantastic, meaningful discussions about boys and life with your mom.
461. Your dad tormenting boys.
462. Spending time with family.
463. Your sister who never burns, only turns bronze, turns bright red on her last day of school.
464. Having a successful trip to the library.
465. Checking out one book as a joke and realizing the writing style is actually awesome.
466. An author who actually pulls off a good stream of consciousness.
467. Borders Rewards.
468. Spending the morning vacuuming the lingerie section in JC Penny's.
469. 3OH3's song "Don't Trust Me."
470. Blasting songs in the car.
471. Being lucky enough to have two jobs when a lot of people are having trouble getting one.
472. Adoptive uncles spending the night after not seeing him for a few years.
473. Perverting the minds of middle schoolers.
474. The hilariousness of the Twilight movies.
475. Going to the midnight showing of HP6 in your graduation robe.
476. Getting to know people.
477. Lullabies.
479. The new Star Trek movie.
480. Syler being Spock.
481. Star Trek in general.
482. Being able to sign up for classes so early.
483. Accidentally wearing the same shirt and/or pants as a friend on the same day.
484. Moving on from being a "Little Cyclone" (honestly? LAME) to a Knight (woot!).
485. Meatball subs.
486. Reading the Book of Mormon with a friend.
487. Free foot massages. (From sisters or adopted sisters.)
488. Silent nights outside with Mom.
489. Hammocks.
490. Grass between your toes.
491. Chipmunks= Bob.
492. Squirrels= Spencer.
493. Rabbits= Richard's Rabbits.
494. Emergency girl time.
495. Pretzel bites from Pretzelmaker.
496. Epic fails.
497. Movie nights with family.
498. "Please sir, may I come in?" .... "No."
499. The book "Eats, Shoots & Leaves."
501. Julia's been in love with the same guy for, like, ever.
502. Tangled.
503. Camille being so freaking similar to me! 
504. Caramel for my ice cream. 
505. Friends who carry your milk to your house for you in the cold. 
506. Facebook. 
507. My contralto voice.
508. Camille's squeaking. 
509. Explosions.
510. Adventures. 
511. Swings.
512. Flying lanterns.
513. Coloring books.
514. Crayons.
515. Disney princesses.
516. Making Disney princesses goth.
517. Making a clown persona.
518. Being a junior in college.
519. Zachary Levi.
520. Jeffery Donovan.
521. Hugh Jackman.
522. Robert Downey, Jr.
523. Angela Lansbury.
524. Julie Andrews.
525. Talking about simple things.
526. Funny memories.
527. Smell of fresh cut grass. 
528. Remembering something your best friend always does.
529. The Birthday Sock.
530. Haphazard Scarves.
531. Wedding dresses.
532. The Best Answer To An Exam Question Ever.
533. SparkLife.
534. Alan Menken.
535. Hans Zimmer.
536. John Williams.
537. Howard Shore
538. The word "fabulous". 
539. The word "stupendous".
540. Josh Groban.
541. The phrase "I like it". 
542. Being crazy with friends at a dance.
543. Staying up to 3am just talking.
544. Kilts.
545. Motorcycles.
546. Meigons (specifically Jack).
547. FoxTrot (specifically Jason).
548. Farscape.
549. Farscape swears (frelling son of a hazmot).
550. The first snow.
551. The first snow that sticks.
552. Snow in general.
553. The Old Spice "the man your man could smell like" commericals.
554. Despicable Me minions.
555. Watching Despicable Me with Mom.
558. 1TB external harddrive for less than one hundred dollars.
559. Eye masks.
560. Figment the Imaginary Dragon.
561. A Very Potter Musical.
562. A Very Potter Sequel.
563. Darren Criss.
564. Frozen butterbeer.
565. Sunglasses.
567. Huge watches.
568. Scarves.
569. Cat figurines.
570. Cute texts.
571. Missionary friends.
572. Writing missionaries.
573. The Emperor's New Groove.
574. Pillows.
575. Stuffed animals.
576. Nathan Fillion.
577. Chocolate kisses. 
578. Finally getting the next book in a series you adore.
579. Catching fireflies. 
580. Spock. 
581. Being able to make other people happy. 
582. The knowledge that I have the coolest friends ever.
583. Tracy.
584. Knowing that I went to Hogwarts this year.
585. Call back for an epic play that I love.
586. I have a kitchen.
587. Marissa's ridiculous amount of awesomeness.
588. Gerard Butler's muscles. 
589. Gerard Butler's amazing accent in P.S. I Love You.
590. Disney movies.
591. Hearing a single word that reminds of you something funny then when you think about that something you laugh for no random reason. Then everyone looks at you.
592. I'm super cool and people look up to me.
593. Good food at dinner. 
594. Healthy food at dinner.
595. Good and healthy food at dinner. 
596. When your favorite song pops on the radio. 
597. The smell of rain. 
598. The smell of snow. 
599. The smell of sun. 
600. I'm going to school for something I love.
601. I'm able to go to school.
602. Arvilla.
603. A puppy.
604. A baby's laugh.
605. Sun shining on the snow. 
606. Warm spices in the winter time.
607. Bubbles. 
608. An old lady with a poodle in a bag. 
609. My clown nose.
610. Sleepovers.
611. Imitating Draco Malfoy from AVPM.
612. Serenity.
613. CTR rings.
614. Glozell.
615. Being in a play for the first time in over a year.
616. Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose.
617. Sunday video chats with family.
618. Family prayers.
619. Striped stockings.
620. A form fitting vest was a little too tight last year and now it's a little too loose.
621. Full body massages.
622. Slytherin scarf.
623. Duct tape bag.
624. Pink cow boxers.
625. A package of 120 crayons.
626. Pringles.
627. The duck thing you do with two Pringles.
628. Creme filled pirouettes.
629. Creme filled pirouettes dunked in hot chocolate.
630. Hot chocolate.
631. Caramel hot chocolate.
632. When you're annoyed with someone and they don't know it, then they send you a text that's so sweet that you can't be annoyed with them anymore.
633. Steampunk.
634. Forty some degree weather in January.
635. Quiet moments with someone you love.
636. Feeling like you could take on anything today.
637. The "Living Gospel" app since it has everything I could ever need at church.
638. The feeling you have right after brushing your teeth.
639. Nail polish.
640. Lime green crocodile print heels.
641. Colored duct tape.
642. Dream catchers.
643. ATCs.
644. Putting on pajamas that have just come out of the dryer.
645. "Good morning" texts.
646. Bright orange leggings.
647. Walking into a room and your friend gives a blood curdling scream when she sees you, which brings a RA running to see who's dying.
648. Nicknames that make you feel like a Lady.
649. Pink plumes.
650. Old friends reconnected.
651. "Best. Day. EVER!!!!"
652. "I am a despicable human being."
653. Journals.
654. Huge purses.
655. Cargo pants with pockets so big you could fit a book in them.
656. Tapping Julia in the face with Figment and letting out a weird sort of purr.
657. The fireworks show at Epcot.
658. Being able to feel the heat of the fireball during the fireworks show at Epcot.
659. Being asked if I'm a Weasley because of my red hair while at Hogwarts.
660. Temples.
661. Washington, D.C. Temple.
662. Washington, D.C. Temple at night.
663. Angela Johnson's sculptures.
664. Fuzzy blankets.
665. My devil shoes.
666. The number 666. Cuz I'm an awful person.
667. Being asked if you've lost weight.
668. Realizing that, yes, you are actually looking slimmer.
669. Those days when you look in the mirror and just think "I look good!"
670. Lyrics that make you cry.
671. Lyrics that make you laugh.
672. Lyrics that stir something inside of you.
673. When music says what words can't.
674. When your muse decides that, even though you hate writing poetry, you have some good poems waiting to be written.
675. NyQuil.
676. Engaging political discussions.
677. Engaging religious discussions.
678. Bill Nye the Science Guy.
679. The Muppet Show.
680. KERMIE!!
681. Buzz Lightyear.
682. Watching a ridiculous "scary" movie with your boyfriend and that one moment that it's actually terrifying (huge clown-all I'm sayin'), you have him there to clutch.
683. My epically cool sister, Kate.
684. Julia: "Mmmmaaaaayyyyybeeeee..."
685. Converse.
686. My family is such a bunch of nerds that we have a full size TARDIS in our basement.
687. Not caring what other people think.
688. Simplicity.
689. Not being afraid.
690. Good climbing trees.
691. When someone's parental instinct makes an appearance (especially when this someone isn't even married).
692. People who are just so excited about life!
693. Mentioning the upcoming movie "Cowboys and Aliens" to Mom.
694. Ninjas.
695. Julia's strange obsession with ninjas.
696. Julia's strange obsession with pie.
697. Julia's strange obsession with pi.
698. The magic of Disney World.
699. Being nineteen and still geeking out about meeting Disney princesses.
700. A gentle squeeze as you're holding hands with someone you love.
701. The Priesthood.
702. Getting to go to church.
703. Writing in your journal.
704. Pictures that portray Christ's love.
705. Somehow knowing what someone else needs.
706. Pearls.
707. Cooking something scrumptous.
708. The beautiful people in my life.
709. Doodles.
710. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
711. Dr. Seuss.
712. Distractions.
713. Distraction cookies.
714. When the butter melts on your toast.
715. Running through sprinklers in the summer.
716. Looking at old yearbook photos and autographs.
717. When your parents say “yes” instead of the expected “no”.
718. The new car smell.
719. When someone actually says “bless you” when you sneeze in class.
720. Fresh air.
721. Watching old home videos.
722. Parking your car at the same time the song ends.
723. Gummy worms.
724. A family sized bag of chips all for yourself.
725. Nicknames.
726. The sound of a perfect high-five.
727. When you and your best friend say the same thing at the same exact time.
728. Being dismissed on the last day of school.
729. Seedless grapes.
730. When you finally remember the name of the song that’s been stuck in your head.
731. Giving random acts of kindness.
732. Hellos.
733. The soft feeling of a brand new eraser.
734. Correct grammar.
735. Knowing all the lines to your favorite movie.
736. The moment you realize your period is over.
737. Magazine perfume samples.
738. The smell of your mom’s home-made cooking.
739. Hearing that you were in someone’s dream.
740. Being in a fantastic mood, just because.
741. Waking up and realizing that you have more time to sleep.
742. Finally getting the food you’ve been craving.
743. Getting new school supplies.
744. Finding a set of pots and pans for only twenty dollars.
745. Riding a shopping cart.
746. Being home alone, blasting music, singing loudly and dancing crazily.
747. Never-ending conversations.
748. Getting a tan and not a burn.
749. Stumbling across really old songs and still being able to remember all the lyrics.
750. The sound of a cat’s purr.
751. Continuous green lights.
752. The smell of a new book.
753. The smell of a bookstore.
754. Marathons of your favorite shows.
755. A rejuvenating deep breath.
756. Getting backed-up in an argument.
757. When you finally remember what you came into the room for.
758. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
759. Getting gifts for no reason at all.
760. Cuddling.
761. Popping bubble wrap.
762. Having breakfast for dinner.
763. Candid photos.
764. Knowing you have no homework for the weekend.
765. The cold side of the pillow.
767. When you talk about your parents with pride.
768. Finishing a good book.
769. Wearing his clothes.
770. When a friendly stranger smiles at you.
771. Driving in the car with the windows down, music up, without a care in the world.
772. Clothes that came right out of the dryer.
773. Kept pinky promises.
774. When his family loves you.
775. Star gazing.
776. When your hair actually cooperates with you.
778. Being surrounded by a mountain of blankets on a cold day.
779. Watching shows from your childhood.
780. Singing along to the car radio.
781. Getting an A on the test you didn’t study for.
782. Putting in the last piece of a puzzle.
783. Laughing until it hurts.
784. Looking through old saved school projects.
785. Sleeping on clean sheets.
786. The originality of people’s handwriting.
787. When someone remembers things you said.
788. Cute sneezes.
789. A hot shower after a long day.
790. Holding the door for a stranger who says thanks.
791. Finding out that a person feels the same way you do.
792. Making a perfect signature.
793. Someone trusting you with a secret.
794. A simple compliment from a stranger.
795. A clean public bathroom.
796. Realizing that you, at the ripe age of eighteen, already had laugh lines.
797. Purposefully making a fool of yourself.
798. The feeling of a new sweatshirt, you know, the super soft inside of it! 
799. Verizon is coming out with an iPhone. 
800. Bishop Stuart. 
801. The grey stuff. (It's delicious!) 
802. Simple things. 
803. Adventures in the kitchen.
804. Late crazy nights.
805. Candid photoshoots.
806. Getting only four hours of sleep and it being totally worth it.
807. Overreacting and worrying and then that one special person makes it all better just by being there.
808. Walking around with no jacket and being comfortable outside in January.
809. Root beer floats.
810. Emperor’s New Groove.
811. Eating root beer floats while watching Emperor’s New Groove.
812. Dragons. 
813. My laugh when I’m happy. 
814. Tortellini.
815. Jolly Ranchers.
816. The 80s.
817. Nostalgia for the 90s.
818. Kenneth Cope’s Women at the Well CD.
819. The most fabulous winter I have ever seen not in Georgia or Florida.
820. Learning to crochet and enjoying it.
821. Realizing I’m basing my character in the play off Mom.
822. When you’re sore because you ran the other day.
823. Scarves that are actually hugs from Grandma.
824. The fact that I’ve been commanded to be excited.
825. Big, fat fluffy snowflakes.
826. RED lipstick. Like, ridiculously red.
827. Perfectly shaped kiss marks in red lipstick.
828. Angels.
829. Knee high socks.
830. Hairdos that make you feel like you’re twelve.
831. Neon orange.
832. Priesthood Blessings.
833. ee cummings.
834. Anonymous letters.
835. Elder Tolman.
836. Nun-chuck earrings.
837. Being off FB and being able to focus on things in the real world.
838. Skype.
839. The Sacred Grove.
840. Commedia dell’Arte.
841. Having a current Temple Recommend.
842. The horizon in Virginia.
843. Primary songs.
844. Finding bruises and having no idea where they came from.
845. Stepping on a scale for the first time in months and finding you’ve lost at least ten pounds.
846. Having to buy a smaller belt.
847. When you can tighten your belt.
848. Ice cream smothered in caramel sauce.
849. A thing of chocolate that takes you over a month to finish.
850. Finally starting to make your room feel more homey.
851. Eagles.
852. Foxes.
853. Lizards.
854. Finally something really successful in my Comedic Practices class.
855. Tech Week.
856. When you start off having a really crappy day and then it completely turns around.
857. Costumes.
858. Amazing 60s hairdos.
859. Amazing 60s hairdos that, if split in two separate and equal parts and put over the ears, would be Leia’s hairdo.
860. Realizing you could pull of Amidala/Padme hairstyles.
861. A straightener that straightens my hair in less than an hour.
862. Straightened hair.
863. Members of my family being able to come see “Twelve Angry Jurors”.
864. Being told you look gorgeous when you’re wearing no make-up.
865. A cookbook titled “Anyone Can Cook”.
866. Not being able to get enough of listening to Disney music.
867. Being surrounded by beautiful friends.
868. Getting a ride randomly from friends up to campus.
869. 5 Gum.
870. Duct Tape.
871. Little things that make you blush and flail.
872. A fabulous speaker at Forum that actually held my attention for once.
873. Creepy yet fabulous characters in my novel.
874. Google Docs.
875. Not only surviving, but thriving during the worst month of the year (February).
876. Getting snail mail.
877. Getting a package from home.
878. New checks.
879. Finding a comfortable character on stage.
880. Having eyelashes so thick and long so you don’t have to buy fake eyelashes.
881. Cookie Monster.
882. Neon colors.
883. Discovering your eight year old brother is writing a story.
884. Remembering why you were obsessed with Star Wars for so long.
885. When you're a female singing tenor sitting next to a male singing alto.
886. A smile so cute it’s burned in your memory.
887. The fact that USA Network uses all the same actors in all their shows.
888. The use of the term “centrifugal force” in everyday conversation.
889. Eight hours spent with a friend and it feels nowhere near eight hours.
890. Greek legends.
891. Wearing flip-flops and capris in February.
892. Standing O’s.
893. Seeing middle schoolers and remembering why I never want to go back to those years.
894. Getting random voicemails from your brother singing Figment The Imaginary Dragon’s theme song.
895. Wax seals.
896. Being on what seems to be an endless Disney Princess kick.
897. When Mom proves herself to not be as sweet and innocent as I thought she was when I was younger.
898. Being able to just sit back and let him come to you.
899. Being able to do an unexpected performance of Twelve Angry Jurors.
900. Only having one hundred reasons to smile to go until we’ve reached one thousand.
901. Orange plaid converse.
902. Those hairdos that, when you take them down, you’re wondering how many bobby pins really can fit in that mess.
903. Taking off make-up.
904. Discovering just how kick butt your singing voice can be.
905. Trying to imitate the Muses off of Disney’s Hercules.
906. Learning that you are actually quite buff.
907. The following conversation: Friend: “Are you wearing any make-up?” Me: “No...” Friend: *stares* “I hate you.”
908. For some reason, the downright creepiness of Yente actually makes me smile...
909. Failed cookies.
910. How smooth and wonderful your legs feel right after shaving.
911. Lucky charms (not the cereal).
912. Lucky Charms (the cereal).
913. thinkgeek.com (Katie McAllister)
914. So you won't look scary when you're older (smile lines are less creepy than frown lines). (Scott Bair)
915. To let your body build up serotonin, that feel-good neurotransmitter that makes you happy. (Scott Bair)
916. To make people wonder what you know and they don't. (Scott Bair)
917. To provide a justification for brushing. (Scott Bair)
918. Professor Stoddard letting it all loose at the cast party for Twelve Angry Jurors.
919. Getting the leftover cake from the cast party.
920. The Toy Story series.
921. Little Richard.
922. Sesame Street.
923. Realizing that the reason you know The Beatles' "Hey Jude" is because of Sesame Street's "Hey Food".
924. Video chatting with family every Sunday.
925. ViewPoints.
926. Llamas with hats.
927. Huge honkin' earrings.
928. Going to bed before midnight.
929. Hand lotion.
930. Having it confirmed again and again that you made the right decision.
931. To make someone's day a little brighter.
932. Erasers.
933. God has a plan for me even if I don't.
934. Finally finding the real lyrics for John Williams' "Duel of the Fates".
935. Getting back on FB and realizing that, yeah, you really weren't missing much.
936. Spur of the moment parties.
937. Darren Criss's long hair.
938. A black kitty (Beni) wearing a red bowtie.
939. The Mahna Mahna song.
940. Flash mobs.
941. "Nighttime... Daytime... Nighttime... Daytime... Nighttime... Daytime..."
942. Raw emotion.
943. Scenes on TV shows or movies where the acting is so phenomenal you never get tired of rewatching them.
944. John Crichton singing the 1812 Overture.
945. Brian Regan.
946. Voldemort in AVPM.
947. The Muppet Show.
948. Lady Gaga.
949. Stargirl.
950. The Inkheart Trilogy.
952. Something that's just oozing with cheesiness (such as a person, a TV show, etc).
953. "It's funny cuz it's true!"
954. Last minute April Fools' jokes that actually work.
955. People that wear too much make up.
956. When a cast becomes a family.
957. The fact that this exists: http://www.wikihow.com/Smile
958. Winter doesn't last forever.
959. There is no one anywhere or at any time that is like me.
960. The weekend is always just around the corner.
961. We have agency in every situation.
962. I'm alive!!
963. Fake velvet.
964. Starting a new journal.
965. Knowing exactly who it is when your phone buzzes with a text message.
966. There's an app for seriously everything.
967. New office supplies.
968. Copious numbers of pillows.
969. Copious numbers of blankets.
970. Shamelessness.
971. Those times when you just don't care what the world thinks and you go out and do something utterly insane.
972. Discovering that a friend still trusted you impecably even when the two of you weren't speaking for months.
973. Goodwill.
974. Slashed prices after holidays.
975. Postcards.
976. Pixar Shorts.
977. Chameleons.
978. At least one person believes in you.
979. Having whole conversations without speaking one word.
980. Knowing exactly what's going through your best friend's head without even making eye contact with them.
981. Old yet stylish cars.
982. Putting your phone on predictive text and typing "41568319681".
983. Imaginary friends.
984. Starting a new book.
985. Being sucked into a book before anything's really happened yet.
986. Danny Kaye.
987. The sound of rain pounding on the roof.
988. Paying tithing.
989. Those youtube videos that make you laugh no matter what kind of mood you're in.
990. Helium balloons.
991. Really awful jokes.
992. Really awful accents.
993. Holding a mug full of hot chocolate.
994. Every day is an adventure.
995. Being part of a lightsaber duel.
996. Bunny suicides.
997. Emergency dance parties.
998. How clean and wonderful you feel when you step out of the shower.
999. Hot baths with bath salts.
1000. The fact that I've actually come up with 1000 Reasons To Smile.

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