Harry Freakin' Potter

Okay, first... I apologize for this. I really do.

But, honestly? I need to find him and convert him. And then marry him.


This Greek god.

I loved AVPM and AVPS, but mainly for Joe Walker, who plays Voldemort and Umbridge. Well, okay, and Draco and Snape. And Ginny (that woman has ~lungs~).

I was insanely excited when it was announced Darren Criss was joining the Glee cast. I died along with every other fan when he sang Teenage Dream. It's actually gotten to the point where the only reason I actually watch Glee anymore is because of him.

But now that I've gotten onto this Darren Criss kick and am youtubing him all over the place... *swoon*

Like I said. I need to find him and convert him. Then marry him. And have his children. Who will be beautiful little things with gorgeous voices like their father.

End of story.

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