Post Show & FB

Now that the show is over... I can officially say that, without a doubt, that was the best experience I have ever had with theatre, no exaggeration. Nothing weird between cast members. Vastly different and equally wonderful characters for everyone. Great performances every time (including the extra, last minute performance for a group of middle schoolers). The Spirit present so strongly amongst all of us.

I'm glad it's done, sure. I get to focus on schoolwork again. I get to hang out with friends that I haven't really seen much of since the play started. But, I mean... The fellowship and the excitement and the... overall wonderfulness of it is over! I used to be able to say "Eh, it's okay, I've got this next thing on stage to look forward to" but this time... Opera Workshop and a friend's Senior Show? Definitely cannot compare to this experience.

Meanwhile, the show being over also means... I'm back on FB. It was kind of strange because I almost forgot that I could. And, really... I'll be honest. I don't think I would've gotten back on at all if I hadn't wanted desperately to see all the pictures from the show. And this is coming from a former FB addict. Definitely never going to reach that point ever again. This morning, actually, I was sitting there on FB after looking through all the pictures and I stared at my homepage wondering what I ever did to spend so much time on that site.

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