It's Nights Like This...

Sometimes... You just need some good girl time.

And, really, it's amazing how I always forget how fabulous some good girl time can be.

Then it's even funnier in this case, because, as we actually agreed on tonight... Our friendship really just should not work. Through a series of complications having to do with immaturity, selfishness and, of course, the male sex, really? If our lives were a movie or a book, our friendship would just not work. We'd be awful enemies, in fact.

Yet, in reality, we just spent a good eight hours together and it didn't even feel like it.

We listened to Disney music and went wild with one hundred and twenty crayons and giant coloring pages (Disney princess, of course). Then she continued with the coloring and I read to her from my novel. Then we just talked. And talked. And talked. We laughed. We had solemn moments. We had moments of wanting to smack some people. Eventually we went out for food and continued talking, laughing and wanting to strangle people.

Both of us needed it. Both of us just needed some good get away girl time. And both of us just needed each other. To grow closer. It's interesting how vastly different we are, yet how alike we think and how easily we can tell what the other is thinking.

And again, I say: This friendship just should not work. I really don't understand how or why it does. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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