Best Weekend of Every Six Months

General Conference, every time, seems to come exactly when I'm at my lowest, exactly when I need it the most. And this time, there were several other things that happened that just helped pull me back up. I've had more opportunities to be social, I've been reassured by simple words, I've had things to look forward to happening that give me something to look forward to in the near future, I've had angels perform simple miracles.

There were three main things I went in to conference wanting to hear about and all three were talked about so much. One of them was trusting the Lord more fully. And can I just say... The idea of trust was everywhere. And then it all culminated in one big talk of awesomeness by Robert D. Hales. His entire thing was just... Oh, my gosh.

Another one of the things I've been trying to figure out in my life is a direction to take. Specifically, after I graduate. Ever since deciding I was going to be a theatre major (which I actually decided back when I was still just a senior in high school) I've had many various ideas of what to actually do with theatre. Of course, I wanted to be on Broadway. Then I wanted to be a high school drama director. Then I wanted to be a television actress and I actually got really, really excited about that one. I had a clear cut plan and everything. And then Heavenly Father threw something in my life that made me realize... Nah, I don't really care so much about that. So then I wanted to go to Disney and work as a character there. Work my way up to being a Disney Princess. I'm totally serious here, okay?? Also got really excited about that one and had a clear cut plan and everything. Guess what happened!

Heavenly Father threw something in to my life that made me realize I didn't really care so much about that. Ever since then I've been flailing, not being able to think of anything that excites me. And then, starting with the Relief Society Broadcast and continuing throughout the entirety of General Conference, coming to a final nail in the coffin with Matthew O. Richardson's talk... I realized what I need to do. I need to be a teacher. A high school drama director. Or maybe even younger kids. Not middle school, that I couldn't do, but if I could find an elementary school with a drama program or one that wanted a drama program...

This isn't to say that I'm quite "excited" about the idea, but I like the idea. And I kept getting the impression over and over and over again so I know it's the right direction. I even have written down at one point "I need to be a teacher" with the underlines and everything. Also, it really works with my Patriarchal Blessing as well. It makes some things in it make more sense.

The other point that I went in to conference with is a bit more personal so I'm not going to share, but I will say that it was addressed and I was extremely comforted. It also had a lot to do with trusting the Lord and the whole "Thy will be done" thing, so... yay things connecting!

Other things that stood out to me:

*Richard G. Scott describing the scriptures as our friends-- definitely going to start memorizing more scriptures now :)
*Barbara Thompson quoting the first scripture I ever memorized: Nephi 15:8 "And I said unto them: Have ye inquired of the Lord?"
*Dieter F. Uchtdorf talking on topics of several devotionals I've given: the paradox of man is nothing yet the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. People look up at the sky and feel small. I've always looked up at the night sky and felt powerful because God made all of it for me.
*Dieter F. Uchtdorf saying what matters is we're doing the best we can.
          I've decided I want to have conversations about logic and such with this man. I feel like his logic and mine would get along really, really well.
*David A. Bednar... Well, to my mother's pure joy, I think I'm going to start doing family history now.
*Carl B. Cook: "It's better to look up."
*Robert D. Hales saying, basically, it takes patience to gain patience. (DANG IT.)
*Matthew O. Richardson saying it's not how far you need to go, it's how far you've come. Take it one step at a time.
*Kazuhiko Yamashita's entire talk. I have a close friend who's a RM, a close friend who is currently a missionary, and a close friend who is currently preparing to leave on his mission. This talk reminded me of how much I love these men and how much respect I have for them and the power they have.
*Everything about President Thomas S. Monson. Highlights:
          "All You Need Is Love."
          "We love you, Bob."
          "I love you. I pray for you."
          His downright adorable grin and comedic pauses and timing. He is hilarious!! And soooo cute. I couldn't get over it.
          Also? There was one point where he said something about being vigilant and my friend and I looked at each other... "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" ...Yay being nerds...

Basically... General Conference has got me excited about life and what my future holds again. Which is something I've been really needing. I was reminded that I knew what trials I would face and I had faith enough to trust Heavenly Father and Christ's plan. I had faith that I could get through this when I was in the pre-mortal existence. I should be able to still have that faith now. I have a bright future ahead of me. I really do. I can't wait to watch the two talks I fell asleep through (D. Todd Christofferson and L. Tom Perry) as well as the Priesthood session (again with the favorites thing but I was told Jeffrey R. Holland just killed it) in the next few weeks. And I'm determined to keep these things that I've felt and learned this weekend with me through the next six months.

I mean, now, really. Who can resist that grin? I know I can't!

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