Bucket List

So I decided last night to write down my bucket list. I don't think I've got everything down, but it's a work in progress. I thought I'd share.

Yeah, yeah, I'm an artsy freak, this isn't just a simple looking list. DUH.

But allow me, now, to explain each of these items.

*learn how to play the cello
I love the cello. It's a beautiful instrument. And it has such a deep, rich and soulful sound. But this video is the what finally made me say that, before I die, I want to learn how to play.

*run up a wall and flip over someone
I believe this was the first thing that I ever actually said "That's on my bucket list". This is what inspired it, sadly enough: a Burn Notice scene. Michael's being royally beat up and then walks up the side of an ambulance and flips over this bad guy. I had always thought only ninjas and Jedi could walk up walls and flip over.

*attend Carnevale di Venezia
Or, to translate, the Carnival of Venice. I've always said I am going to make it to Venice one day, but really, I would love to go during the carnival. It's like Mardi Gras... but in Venice. Plus, I mean, I want a mask.

*make a meal that looks like this (refer to the picture in the list)
A little over a year ago, I discovered a love for cooking. Which was extremely strange since I'd always hated cooking before that. A couple weeks ago I was flipping through a magazine and saw this picture and promptly declared that, one day, I would make a meal like that.

*attend a cheese tasting
Do I really need to explain this one? (Om nom nom nom...)

I would like to say that none of this is an any particular order. Some of it is probably going to happen sooner rather than later. (I could make a gourmet meal today if it weren't for the lack of money and time!) Also, as I stated at the beginning of this post, there is no way this list is complete. :)

EDIT: Oh, my gosh, see, I knew there were things I was missing. Somehow I forgot the nerdiest thing on my list: attend Comic Con. Like the cheese tasting, I don't think this one needs an explanation... :D

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