Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!

Any 90s child who doesn't know what the title of this post is a reference of seriously needs to re-live their childhood. Because their first one was deeply deprived. I mean, everyone loved Bill Nye and everyone knows what you're talking about when you say "Consider the following" and everyone starts singing the theme song when they see a picture of him, but I feel like there's another person who's put on the sidelines way too much. I've forgotten about her, too, a lot but... Oh, I love her.

That's right. Ms. Frizzle.

Remember how I said I realized I need to be a teacher? This morning I realized I want to be Ms. Frizzle. And I could totally do it! I'm going to do it! I'm crazy enough to be the Friz! I've come to so many realizations in the past twenty-four hours of how perfect the idea of me becoming a teacher is. How it just makes sense.

So when people ask me what I want to do when I graduate, I'm going to answer "I'm going to take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" WHOO-HOO!!!

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