End of the Semester

Read this poem.

Read it? Okay.

Yeah.... You know that point at the end of the semester when you really just don't care any more? You're done with this crap? Let's move on, take a break, spend a couple weeks at home?

Yeah, that hit me last night.

You know what the worst part about that feeling is? Knowing you still have a kajillion things you need to do. Like thirty hours of workshop. A paper that hasn't even been assigned yet. (I will ~murder~. Are we seriously leaving this so last minute? Murder, I tell you. Murder.) A directing scene. A monologue to memorize. A regular old exam. An oral presentation. A choir concert. A plethora of design projects. Two or three final exams. Oh, yeah, and some time I have to pack for going home. That probably won't happen until finals week, though.

And, you know, I need to fit eating and sleeping in there somewhere.

On the other hand, 17 days until I'm home. I can't believe this semester is already almost over. I swear, didn't it just start a couple weeks ago? What happened??

Guys... It's almost 2012. WHAT IN THE WORLD.

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