Tech Week

Welcome, everyone, to Tech Week. Otherwise known as Hell Week.

(Sidenote: Happy Guy Fawkes Day!)

Hell Week starts today with a rehearsal beginning at 9:30am and going until... whenever. I always love and hate this rehearsal. I hate it, obviously, because it's so long and tiring. But I love it because we get free food for lunch, it's the beginning of tech week (which, to be honest, I love), and it seems to be really when the cast really starts coming together as a family. Partially because we're spending sooo much time together.

We're going through some script edits today (our director has actually written this adaption of Pride & Prejudice), then running the whole show, then lunch and then running the whole show again. So far we haven't been able to run the whole show even within three hours (which is why we have edits this morning) so it should be interesting.

After rehearsal I'm holding a rehearsal for my scene for my directing class. First rehearsal! I'm excited to see how my cast reads the script. Tomorrow, after church and another rehearsal for my directing scene, we have our Break The Fast dinner and Testimony Meeting at my director's house. This is one of the main reasons I love my school. A cast fast for the show, followed by dinner and a testimony meeting. The full day rehearsal starts the process of bringing us together as a cast family, but the testimony meeting really brings us spiritually together. Then it's opening week.

We open Friday night. 11/11/11. :D My mom is actually going to be here for opening night! I'm really excited, she hasn't seen me on the stage since high school.

And, just as an interesting tidbit... It's almost noon and we're still going through the edits. This is going to be a very long day.

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