Halloween and Pride & Prejudice

I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. Not the candy, who cares about the candy? What I love is the dressing up. I'm a theatre major, I mean, of course I love dressing up. This year I went, once again, as a character from a fandom that I love, just further proving how much of a geek I am.

Zoe Washburne. From Firefly. For those of you who don't know Firefly, watch it. It's only a season plus a movie. For those of you who understand my geekiness, I've always said I'm Zoe with a dash of Jayne. :D
So Halloween was great. I had a number of friends who dressed up as various Doctor Who characters... There was a 10 and a Rose, an 11 and an Amy, and a "Raggity Doctor" (11 right after regenerating from 10). It was sort of awesome. I also was rather surprised (yet pleased) by how many people recognized my costume. (Especially considering Zoe's black and I'm... not...)

And then Halloween ended. And we all realized. Opening night for Pride & Prejudice is next Friday. So suddenly it hit us: the freak out mode. It always happens. Everyone thinking: "OH NO, WE'RE NEVER GOING TO BE READY!" We always are, of course. But we always panic.
It's interesting on my part. I've got five billion other things taking my attention right now and this is also the largest role I've had on the college stage. I had plenty leading roles on my high school stage, but the college stage is a completely different animal. Completely. And right now? I feel like I would be perfect for the high school stage, but, as a college student, I'm feeling rather mediocre. And it's depressing me. I need a breakthrough. A miracle. Something. And I need it soon.

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