P&P Picture Dump ++

This post will include: Pride & Prejudice picture dump and thoughts on the show now that it's over.
A budding obsession with Adele.
My one true love.

Be excited. This will be a long post...


Sometimes I amuse myself. This picture really encompasses the character of Mrs. Bennet. Fully.
Mr. and Mrs. Bennet with amazing lighting.
The expression on my face really, really amuses me.... The best part is, it's not just one of those weird moments where the camera captures something hilarious. Weird facial expressions are Mrs. Bennet's speciality.
Bennet Family Picture. Left to right: Jane, Lizzy, Lydia, Mr., Mrs., Kitty, Mary.
So... You might have noticed that Kitty and Mary are the only two with dark hair in the Bennet family. Explanation: Kitty is the adopted Irish kid. Mary... is the milkman's daughter. This is the milkman.
Mr. Collins! I love this guy. He's creepy.
The milkman and his daughter.
The Lucas Family. Sir, Lady, and Charlotte.
Mrs. Bennet and her dearest friend, Lady Lucas. The town gossips. 
Caroline and Charles Bingley.
The happy Bingley couple. Jane's mainly happy because she has food.
The Wickhams.
Darcy and Elizabeth when they hate each other.
The Darcys when they love each other.
Georgiana and Fitzwilliam Darcy. 
Wickham and Georgiana when they planned on eloping. 
Obviously, Lydia is clueless, Wickham still wants Georgiana and Georgiana is still broken up about it.

So Wickham gets both of his ladies... and Darcy ain't too happy about it.
Basically... This show was epic. I am so grateful to have been a part of it. I loved my role, I loved my fellow cast members, I loved the director, I loved the script (written by the director, actually).... I just loved it. I still think opening night was the best night we had, but that might be because my mommy was there that night. WHICH WAS AWESOME. I still can't get over that.
And, apparently, I was a hit. So hopefully this is a good sign for the rest of my three semesters left here. Let's pray so.

Meanwhile, I've been obsessing over Adele lately. I mean, I've loved her for a long time (my favorite song is "Set Fire To The Rain"), but I'm now obsessing. A new favorite is "Hiding My Heart". Basically, I love the emotion in not only the lyrics, but her voice. I love Taylor Swift because every song is so true and every girl can relate to so many of her songs, but Adele has also got that emotion in her voice. She has some intensely true talent and I really, really respect her. It'll take me a while to get tired of hearing this voice constantly just because it's that good.

So now. My one true love. His name is Orion. I don't ever get to see him during the summer, but a couple weeks ago I got to see him again and I get to see him now almost every night. And it'll be well in to spring before he leaves me again.

Yes. I'm talking about the constellation. Ever since I can remember, I've loved this constellation. I could pick him out before I could pick out either of the Dippers. This love affair with Orion started last winter, when I would walk out of my apartment and the first thing my eyes would fall on would be him. It didn't matter what sort of mood I was in, I'd see my man and I'd sigh and smile: "Oh, Orion. I love you."
Now, I've been thinking. Why do I love him so much? And I've realized it's because he's constant. He's the one constant I have during the school year. Something that will never change. Despite everything else changing and constantly moving, whether for good or bad, he will always be there, standing there in the stars, watching over me. Waiting for me. And I love him for it.

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