Finals Vs. The Eternal

So it's Finals Week. What does that mean? Realities of the eternal will now hit me full on in the face and make me realize I really, really don't care if I fail my Western Civ final tomorrow at noon. Well, okay, I do. Because I don't want to have to re-take that class. And the reaction of my parents would be a party. But it really doesn't matter when these eternal truths are so plain as day.

I have this friend. First time I saw her, I could've sworn I recognized her from somewhere. But I couldn't figure out from where for the life of me. Once she and I started hanging out, she told me that she felt she recognized me too. We started going back through life to try to figure out where we knew each other. Despite the fact that my grandpa was the first bishop of her home ward, that was long before her family moved there. Despite the fact that my mom's side of the family comes from a town fifteen minutes away from where her family lives, it seems they've never met. We researched, talked to our parents.... We spent a lot of effort trying to figure this out. Eventually we came to the conclusion that somehow, by some strange circumstance, we were blessed enough to actually recognize each other from the pre-mortal existence.

I'm serious. Totally and completely.

After that, she and I have had our differences. Some major. Some huge disagreements that seemed to have the possibility of ruining our friendship forever. But here we are, living now in the same house. There are still days when we don't really talk. But we'll always come back. We'll have nights of ridiculousness. We'll have random adventures. We'll stay up until two in the morning just talking, like we did just Friday night. And I would submit that that was in preparation for tonight.

Tonight, within literally two hours of each other, both of us had things happen. Very similar situations. Completely different, yes. But very similar. I won't go in to what those things were, one because it's not my place to divulge into her life and two because I really don't want to get that personal with all of you. Suffice it to say, she came into my room, cried a bit, then went to her own room. A couple hours later, she came back in to update me and realized something was happening on my end so left. After things on my end wrapped up a bit, I went to her room and we just talked. We realized the parallels and we cried. We strengthened each other and we cried some more. We built each other up as sisters in Zion and made promises to our selves, each other, and Heavenly Father. And we cried even more.

Then I realized. Tonight. Right there, sitting on her bed. That was why. That was why we recognized each other from the pre-mortal existence. That was why, despite not talking to each other for four months, despite not really being friends for an entire year, we were able to forgive and forget. That was why we were friends in the pre-mortal existences and promised we'd find one another. Tonight. That was why.

Yes, there may be more reasons to come. But that was one of those almost surreal moments in life where you realize so much of your past, present, and future hinged on that single moment. There are many of those throughout life and it's always amazing when you're able to recognize them in that moment. This was one of the things she and I were promised by our dearest Heavenly Father himself. This moment. This sisterhood.

And how, really, can an exam matter now?

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