The Wisdom Teeth

Okay, I'm not on painkillers yet because my face is still numb so I'm going to try to get this out now.

I didn't turn into a bawling mess! Yay! I was still terrified and I still teared up a bit because I was terrified, but they put the IV in and the surgeon just starts chatting with me, asking when I'm going back to school and stuff. I remember starting to feel a bit fuzzy and then the next thing I know I'm sitting in a sort of "waiting room" I think with my phone in my hand. I look at my text messages and realize that I've texted my best friend:

"That was the strangest that ive ever expierenced.my moith feels like lead"

I kind of stare at that for a moment and then send him another text, letting him know I honestly don't remember sending that text. We have a short conversation, I'm sort of auto-pilot and I think he was somewhere between amused and concerned. I'll have to talk to him about it later when I'm more in control.

I don't really remember walking out of the oral surgeon's office and to the car. I think I remember sitting in the car. Maybe. And somehow I ended up on the couch. I don't have my big coat on or my boots so I must've taken those off. And I think my sister grabbed my computer for me.

Right now the bottom half of my face is numb. It's a really bizarre feeling. It's hard to swallow. I think I might taste some blood but I can't be sure. Mom's out getting my pain meds right now.

Really, I don't even look that bad right now. Half of my bottom lip is under my control, but the other half simply will not move. It's bizarre. And slightly frustrating too. The worst part? Last night as I was attempting to fall asleep I was coming up with some golden scenes for The Time Menders. I want to write them down now but I just don't have the concentration to do so! Though... I've gotten all of this out... Hm... Maybe I'll give it another go.

EDIT: Apparently I was hiccuping a lot after waking up and Mom was giggling at me. It's a common reaction to the anesthesia. Don't. Remember. A Thing.

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