Kirk's Lineage

I'm going to be an uber-geek here and share something I just realized as I go through a bunch of movies because I'm bored, only have one more final, and don't go home until Saturday.

According to the new "Star Trek" movie, James Tiberius Kirk's parents are... much more than they seem.

His father is Thor, God of Thunder. And is sexy. Who's own father has quite the legacy...
Odin. Who, in his younger years, trained Zorro. Yeah, that's right. You thought Odin was as BA as you could get until you realized he also trained Zorro.
His mother is Emma Swan, savior of the town Storybrooke and daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming (who's real name is JAMES).
Snow and JAMES. JAMES, I tell you, JAMES.
I mean, how can you ignore the coincidence there? That's sort of ridiculous.

Basically, this makes Kirk so much more awesome. He's got quite a legacy behind him.

Also, I'm a nerd.

Also? The first eleven minutes of that movie ("Star Trek", not any of these others) always make me cry. Always. I just can't help but imagining being Kirk's mother. Awful.

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